Do you do what you do for Free?


Toronto advertising agency Zulu Alpha Kilo created this video to demonstrate how absurd it is for people to ask for the advertising industry to do spec work in hopes of getting more business. As described by AdWeek, “a guy approaches real men and women (not actors) in other businesses and asks them to provide him with a product or service for free, to see if he likes it before committing to more.” – Photography Bay

Doesn’t the notion just seem absurd? It takes you years to build yourself up to what you are today; you study what you need to, you work and gain the experience that makes you who you are, you spend countless hours and money perfecting your craft only for someone to ask you to work for free or an unbelievable discount!

As absurd as it sounds, this is the reality that many professionals in the creative space face. For a non-creative professional, the idea doesn’t even exist.

The point of making this post is not to make you feel bad or never ask for spec work but to shine a light on how a lot of people/businesses undervalue the type of work we do.

So the next time you think of asking for that discount or “work for exposure”, remember this post. It will save you the hassle of settling for someone that will accept your request only to give you mediocre work, you are the one that benefits from the value we unlock in your business after all.

The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Seconds

Thought we’d kick this blog off with a video that’s one of the most inspirational I’ve come across. For those on our Facebook page, sorry to have to repost but it is worth the share.

This life is not a walk in the park but the rewards are there for the taking, we all need that motivational kick every once in a while… Consider this yours!

Let us know what you think 🙂


What Most Don’t See by Patrick Bet-David

Most people only pay attention to the final product of a
successful entrepreneur.
They say things like, “ I can never be like them.”
What most don’t see, is what they’ve overcome.
All the struggles, the daily rejections, the heart aches,
the betrayals, the rumors, the criticism,
the empty bank account, and all those lonely nights while trying to make their vision a reality.
You see the only difference between the one who quits and the one who doesn’t is that
they showed up every day,
they worked hard every day,
they hustled every day,
they learned from a proven mentor every day,
they improved every day,
They did all this even though they felt like quitting every day.
And eventually,
they became who they are today.